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Michaela Blahova, M.S., M.A.,


California License: LMFT125746

Every human being has a true, genuine, authentic self and trauma is the disconnection from it and healing is the reconnection with it.
  –Dr. Gabor Maté
If you would like to begin your transformative journey or have any questions, please contact me at:

I offer online sessions for individuals (adults and adolescents), couples and families located in California, in English, Spanish and Czech.

I offer a confidential, non-judgmental space, where you can feel safe to share intimate issues that trouble you. I utilize a unique blend of Jungian-oriented psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing techniques, with the focus on solving the underlying issues that are causing your symptoms, as opposed to only treating the symptoms. I believe that most psychological problems and suffering, as well as many physical symptoms, come from trauma (even though many people are not aware of having one). Therefore, the focus of the work I do is to help you heal, grow and connect with your authentic self (who you really are deep down), including integrating the parts of you that you have learned were unacceptable and disowned them, as well as, to relate to yourself in a nurturing and kind way. Restoring health, balance and wholeness, while building resilience.

I believe in long-term therapeutic work resulting in permanent changes in my patients’ psyches and thus their lives. Part of this work is also about getting to know yourself and based on that, making the right decisions that will change your life for the better. I won’t tell you what to do or make those decisions for you. I will be your guide, helping you to ask yourself the right questions and helping you explore your unconscious through dreams, fantasies, imagery, active imagination, bodily sensations, as well as your symptoms (yes, your symptoms have a meaning and a purpose). We will be looking at different parts of you, which sometimes might want different, or even opposing things, which, when unconscious, can create anxiety, depression and overall malaise. A lot of the therapeutic work will be done through the relationship between you and me and my attuned presence to you.

Somebody once compared the therapeutic work to walking in a labyrinth, the therapist walking first with a lamp, shining light on things and guiding the way, while the patient walks right behind.

We can work together on issues such as anxiety, depression, behaviors that you can’t control and bother you, relationship problems, traumatic experiences, difficult life situations, lack of fulfillment, blocked creativity, psychosomatic issues, problems with self-acceptance and low self-esteem, intimate concerns, among others. As well as helping you with your overall personal growth.

All races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and sexual identities are welcomed.